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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the Shea Butter by Sky Organics.

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Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $$

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  • Shea Butter comes highly recommended by dermatologists for dry skin
  • Should be effective for getting your legs smooth
  • Incredibly inexpensive


  • May not have sufficient moisturizing properties for people with really dry skin.

Any time I write a review for a product like this, I always try to consider a few different angles. First thing's first, it's a great butter for dry skin.

Next, I think everyone needs to consider the eco-friendly aspects of their product choices. I'm sure that those who use this similar natural butter aren't going to appreciate this review in the same way.

The main recurring point of tension I see when those don't consider their eco-footprint is the expression I encountered online that says, " I would rather shop at a place that sucks the Earth dry, than frequent a place that touts their happiness for the world."

Believe it or not, the folks at Sky Organics are really concerned about the environmental impact of their products. Their assertion is that, to produce the same amount of Shea Butter as some of the other suppliers, the production takes twice as long. Since they are concerned with how long it takes to get their production off the ground, it is only fair to account for that.

Not only that, but their Shea Butter comes from an African supplier that knows how to keep the tops of the trees that provide the nut intact. Normally, the product is purchased from companies that cut the nuts from the trees to provide less time-consuming production. Those suppliers then flip the offset nut production, and sell the commercial nut butter.

Even though the Africans aren't selling the nuts, they receive money for the trees just in case someone bought the nuts to plant a grove like they sell. Ahh, the proof is in the pudding.

Last, a little extra for all you guys. Shea Butter is usually treated quite poorly for the majority of people out there. That's probably because it is a bit irregular and hard to find in the consumer market.

But this product from Sky Organics is, in fact, quite high quality and multi-functional in the sense of what it's good for, and what it can do.

My advice is to check it out for yourself. Because even with an oil texture, a semi-bland scent and a somewhat high price point, Shea Butter is still an important product for people to know about.

And even though Shea Butter is a substance I've come to understand is highly thought of by the shea butter people, you're probably not as likely to find it as you would something like vitamin E or olive oil.

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