Solimo 3-Blade MotionSphere Razor Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Solimo 3-Blade MotionSphere Razor.

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  • Makes a great gift
  • Extremely smooth shave
  • High quality materials
  • Quality, two-blade razor and blades
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Works well for sensitive skin

If a man has a beard, shaving it with a razor can be quite an ordeal. Luckily, it's pretty easy to accomplish with shaving cream and a razor. But, shaving is still a task that takes out some of your time and still on the expensive side.

These type of systems can cut down on the time and effort required and the Solimo Razor is one of the easier ones to get going. All you really need to do is buy ten 3-blade razor cartridges and put them in the handle.

The 3-blade razor cartridges are available in packs of two, which means you'll need to buy three packs of ten, for a total of forty cartridges to fully load the handle. This is a pretty decent price as far as razors go.

The handle itself is a pivot motion which is designed to follow the contours of your face. This means that any part of your face that is longer than the other will have a razor that is more horizontal, while the shortest parts will be vertical.

This allows the razor to reach all of your facial hair, while reducing shaving time, when compared to a regular straight razor. If shaving with a straight razor, you must shave all at once, which would require shaving cream and a full shave.

This system uses fewer blades, which means you'll have to refill only once instead of having to replace the blades every time the handle wears out. The system comes with a handle and twenty 3-blade cartridges, which is a pretty good deal if you keep the system going.

The handle itself is designed in a way that makes it one of the easier razors to work with. With this system, you actually get more value for the price you pay.

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