Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick Review

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Today we'll be reviewing the Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick.

We scrutinize all products before we share our detailed thoughts on it with you.

Our rating: 6 / 10


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  • available in 4oz and 8oz
  • non-greasy formula
  • more than one application per stick
  • effective sun protection up to a SPF 30, which is one of the highest you’ll find on the market
  • works on all skin types, no matter what color

Tattoo Goo's Color Guard Stick is new for 2015 and specifically designed to keep color true after your tattoo or body painting session. It's designed to lock into place and keep your color bright for at least four hours.

It's also non-greasy, that is, has no animal testing and is fragrance and preservative free.

The formula itself is made with a combination of water-resistant polymers that create a barrier between your body and the sun's UV rays. It's also loaded with antioxidants that keep your pore skin surface from drying out (which can lead to cracking or infection) and preventing discoloration.

The stick is easy to use and smooths on to your skin with a slight orange tingle before drying to a natural finish.

The stick contains a protective UV filter, making the stick a good choice for people who want to avoid an SPF in their sunscreen and also for people who want to slip one in their backpack for times at the beach or pool.

It's extremely easy to use and eliminates the need for a lot of heavy, greasy sunscreen. Just leave it on for 4 hours and you're good to go.

I personally like to use the stick because it's easy to apply and can stay on while I work on my tattoos. Since the stick is such a small and non-bulky item, it doesn't take up much room in my backpack either.

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