Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Bronzing Tanning Bed Lotion Review

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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the Devoted Creations LE MOMENT Bronzing Tanning Bed Lotion.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let’s dive in!

Our rating: 8 / 10


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  • For both indoor and outdoor tanning beds
  • Achieves a deep, dark, golden brown tan that most people love
  • Works well on all skin types
  • Silicone-based formula dries quickly so it only needs to be reapplied once a day
  • Offers a light fragrance so it doesn’t have a strong smell
  • The pump on the bottle makes it easy to dispense the bronzing tanning lotion onto your skin
  • This product is made by a USA company
  • Some users report being able to get 1-3 weeks out of each bottle
  • This tanning lotion is made with good ingredients that don’t absorb into your skin nor does it make you break out with a rash
  • It doesn’t have a gritty texture like other lotions can have


  • Some customers say the pump is awful
  • This product results in a very dark tan that lasts a long time

The LE MOMENT Tanning Bed Lotion is really good. The cashmere blend 24 hour hydration system works in a variety of ways to fasten the tanning process. It starts by repairing cell damage and increases collagen production, two good things for skin health and tone.

The Lotion also has peptides that are naturally active during your tanning session and in the afterward stages of the tan to facilitate the natural tanning process.

One of the best features of the Lotion is that it's so, very, dark. It gets darker and darker as you tan, which means you'll need to buy it over and over again. I guess that's a good thing, because otherwise you would find yourself in the emergency room every time you tried to tan.

I've been tanning for close to two years now and I've used all the different lotions and Oils and I can honestly say that the LE MOMENT is the fastest one, by far. The cashmere blend 24 hour hydration system maximizes penetration rate and absorbs all the way into your skin, which makes your tanning session more thorough.

I also like the fact that I don't break out while using the LE MOMENT. It's a fabulous lotion to use post-tan. I can honestly say that my skin is hydrated, supple and youthful looking. That's a pretty hefty compliment. It's helped keep my skin young looking all these years and now I am starting to tan again because my daughter just turned 18 and won't let me use it on her.

If you haven't used a Tanning Bed before, it's way better than getting a sunburn and much faster than a sun tanning lotion. If you're already tan, it almost acts like a tanning lotion, where you're just adding color to the tan you already have.

I love using the LE MOMENT and you should just try it.

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